CfP: Workshop Values in Agrifood Studies

CfP: Workshop Values in Agrifood Studies

Values in Agrifood Studies – from theory to empirical examples

Wann/ When: 10. – 11. Oktober 2024

Wo/ Where: SOWI, Institute of Sociology, University of Innsbruck

Frist/ Deadline: 31. March 2024

Im Kontext des Forschungsprojektes ‚Exploring values-based modes of production and consumption in the corporate food regime‘ findet im Oktober an der Universität Innsbruck ein Workshop zum Thema ‚Values in Agrifood Studies‘ statt. Der Workshop untersucht die Bedeutung und das Verständnis von Wert und Wertschöpfung in alternativen Lebensmittelnetzwerken. Es sind unterschiedliche Zugänge und Konzeptionen des Begriffs ‚Value‘ ausdrücklich erwünscht.


„From the perspective of agrifood studies, alternative food systems aim to valorize ‘good food’
(Goodman 2003) through the introduction of standards and labels or the creation of proximity
between food producers and consumers within alternative food networks such as food coops or
community-supported agriculture. However, the exact meanings of ‘values’ in agrifood contexts
are not always clarified or defined. Some agrifood scholarship has a broad understanding of values
as intangible guiding principles including solidarity, equality, sustainability, and mutual trust
(Feenstra, Hardesty 2016; Nakandala et al. 2019; Savarese et al. 2020; Sumner 2017). Other agrifood
scholarship refers to values in relation to standards such as Global C.A.P. that basically reflect
value chains shaped by the corporate food regime. Here especially the interrelations of
standards with values remain empirically underexamined and undertheorized (Loconto & Arnold,


„During the workshop, we aim to carve out the various meanings of ‘values’ in the agri-food context
in order to deepen the understanding of the role of values in alternative food systems. The
workshop welcomes different approaches to values, e.g. from the perspective of valuation studies,
Actor-Network Theory, or social embeddedness. Inputs will contribute to fostering a deeper
understanding of values within the agri-food context. In addition, the workshop will address the
theoretical challenges by theorising empirical examples.“


„Paper proposals in English including title, abstract (150-300 words), and a short CV should be
sent to Nora.Faltmann[at] by March 31st 2024. Participants will be notified of the acceptance
of their papers by April 15th 2024.
There will likely be the possibility of imbursements for travel and accommodation costs.
There is an option to publish the workshop contributions as a Special Section in the International
Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food for publication in April 2025 (submission
in October 2024).“

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